12V Fuse Block

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The 12V fuse block protects the DC-DC converter from faults in all the 12V components.

Platforms Years Components Rating Notes Photo
S,X 2013+ Accessory circuit 10A Sumimoto plug (all years) and SAE plug (2014+ years)
Headlamp 10A
Instrument cluster (Dash)
running lights
Turn signals (Flashers)
brake lights
Ignition key 5A
2015+ ABS circuit and the ignition key 5A
2015-2016 Fuse block (label inaccurate; rotated 180°)
ABS pump 25A limited duty
ABS valve 10A
The fuse block connects to the positive side of the DC-DC converter output on its left side.
The downstream wires enter a mesh sleeve, through a ferrite ring to clean up RF interference, and lead forward into a larger sleeve that runs (for the S-Platform) along the left side of the forward tank area.
Location (S-Platform)
Under the seat under the Y-shaped frame join piece's left rear leg.
For 2015+ models, the 25A ABS pump fuse is mounted to the back of the block and may require removing the frame join piece to access fully.
Location (X-Platform)
On the frame under the right side front body panel.
For 2015+ models, the 25A ABS pump fuse is mounted to the frame above the block.