Adapting Footpegs

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This adapts larger footpegs to replace Zero's stock Footpegs.

Honda footpegs with rubber pad

David Walsh reports

Hi all, I've added a few farkles to my 2012 DS... As I reused the original Zero pins, I found these were a couple of mm larger diameter than the pins fitted to the Honda foot-pegs, so I drilled them out. As they are aluminum, this is easy to do. I then found that while they would still hinge up out of the way, they were a little larger than the Zero pegs, so I filed off a mm or so off of them and.. They fitted, worked fine and are comfortable. I bought these aftermarket ones [cheap and good :) ] :"

The item he purchased was: EAN/UPC 931152292558
Metal file
  1. Drill out the pin fitting to match the Zero footpeg pin diameter.
  2. File off ~1mm for fitment.