Charge Tank Inlet Bracket Install

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This is for a DIY installation for the Charge Tank's inlet bracket, useful for many aftermarket charging solutions.

Bracket p/n 12-08047XX (formerly p/n 12-0804713; might also be 26-08096) special order $106 USD
Steps (Used MY2016 DSR)
  1. Remove helmet lock
  2. Thread the grounding strap onto the studded bracket and reinstall it through the frame.
    Suggestion: Use a short section of painters masking tape stuck around the thread of the studs to itself like a "flag" to keep the ground strap secure in its position until the studded bracket can be fully seated to where the helmet lock used to be secured.
    The "flag" can be pulled up through the bolt holes in the frame and removed when ready.
    FIXME: There is an alternative way to secure the ground strap which is easier and recommended by the OEM.
  3.  ?? Take a guess. There's a bag of parts.
    FIXME: Describe what all the parts are and how they should be installed.
  4. With the inlet bracket installed, two of the top mounting holes on the bracket are meant to be fastened through the chargetank cowl and into the inlet bracket.
    You only need to mount the J1772 inlet itself to the bracket using the rear top two locations.
    The front top two locations will be further secured when the chargetank cowl is mounted.