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Warning Warning: This content was authored by the vendor themselves and as such constitutes a commercial self-promotion under review.

ECMCables's plug-in product for bridging the OBD-II console interface (exposed port) over a USB cable to connected computing devices such as PCs, Labtops, Notebooks, Tablets, SmartPhones and a variety of other commercially available or proprietary hand held devices.

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OBDLink MBB Spy/Diagnostics USB Cable for ZERO Motorcycles
NEW ZERO Motorcycle MBB-ECU Spy/Diagnostic USB Cable. Fully Waterproof OBD-II Connector end w/ Higly Visible LEDs at USB end; indicates Power On & Serial Bridge Active.
Our OBDLink MBB Spy/Diagnostics USB Cable is designed to connect ZERO Motorcycles to a PC or other Smart Device for Diagnostic purposes. Our design implements a "Shielded Cable" solution to combat both EMI and extraneous power surge interference that affect unshielded cable conductors in high-noise (electrical interference) MBB/ECU Diagnostic and Tuning environments. Combining this Shielded ECM cable with freely available Serial Terminal Software provides a higher degree of accuracy when optimizing ZERO Motorcycles.
OBDLINK USB Cable cable attaches to the OBD-II port and offers a serial port interface with the Main Bike Board.
Our EAS™ technology based products have been designed and tested for real-world applications; specifically in harsh environments, rugged & extreme conditions regardless of where they’re being deployed.
Serial Terminal Software is freely available on the internet, and or sold separately. No Software is included with this product. Refer to website for more details. This version is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8/8.1/10, Android devices, iOS, MAC, and Linux OS's with supporing free driver/app installed.
  • OBDLINK MBB Spy/Diagnostics USB Cable for ZERO Motorcycles for 2013-2018 All Models
  • Includes Proprietary EAS™ Technology; Virtually Indestructible IP68 - Use any Free or Commercial Serial Terminal Application or Device App.
  • Fully Encasuplated OBD-II Connector - Hard-Hat Tough Overmolded Electronics - Module withstands Heat, Moisture, Oils, Corrosive Fuels, Solvents and Dilute Acids
  • Optimize Performance - Real Time View & Change Settings, Run Diagnostics, View Trouble Codes, Reset Battery Params
  • NEW - Includes Embedded (CLEAR) Prolific USB Module w/ SHORE 75D Overmold Processed ODB-II, 90 Day Limited Warranty