Front Bearing Replacement

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  • 6mm Allen Wrench - Axle (M17)
  • 5mm Allen Wrench - Pinch
  • 13mm Socket - Brakes
  • Bearing Press Tool/Kit
  1. Remove the Front Wheel
  2. Remove the spacers, then the dust seals, from each side and clean.
  3. Press the bearings out from the opposite side.
    A socket extension works well, alternating around the perimeter.
  4. Clean the inner wheel.
  5. Press the new bearings in, aligning with the inner axle tube.
    A large socket works well to press only on the outer bearing.
  6. Replace the dust seals.
  7. Return the wheel to the bike.
  8. Aligning the axle with the spacers, press the axle back into the forks.
  9. Expand the brake calipers to prepare for remounting.
  10. Remount brake caliper with the 13mm socket to the correct torque.
  11. Return the outer spacer and make the axle bolt snug with the 6mm allen wrench.
  12. Alternate tightening each 5mm pinch bolt.
  13. Ensure proper wheel movement.
  14. Tighten left pinch bolts to the correct torque using the 5mm allen wrench.
  15. Tighten the 6mm Axle bolt to the correct torque.
  16. Tighten right pinch bolt to correct torque using the 5mm allen wrench.
  17. Ensure smooth movement.
  18. Pump the brakes to return to proper action.
  19. Lower the front wheel.
  20. Confirm torques.
  21. Test ride!
  22. Reconfirm torques.
  23. Paint the bolt heads to so that any loosening is detectable.