Gen2/Steering Head

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The steering head is the tube in the head position of the frame that mounts the fork steerer tube.

For 2014+ S and X-platform Zeros, the inner diameter of the steering head is 55mm for a steering tube size of 1in (25.4mm).

Steering head fastener stack (top to bottom)
  1. Steering Stem Thin Nut (M27⨉1.5mm, 8mm depth); apply a 41mm hex socket.
  2. Washer 41 - 27.5mm⌀, 2mm thickness (reportedly not present on 2018+ models)
  3. Steering Stem Lock Nut (M30⨉1.5mm)
  4. Bearing Lip Seal (55mm OD)
  5. Steering Head Bearing (facing up)
  6. Lower Triple Clamp Assembly Tube
  7. Steering Head Bearing (facing down)
  8. Bearing Lip Seal (55mm OD)