Rear Shock Removal

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This is a stub for removing the Rear Shock.

The rear shocks on Zero models resemble common motorcycle models. Access from the bottom is hamperd by controller heatsink on S and X platform models, so access from the top is required.

This is written with 2014 SR in recent memory. Those with other models and years, please edit to add your variations.

Before starting
  1. Make sure power key is out and motorcycle is unplugged. There are high voltage components at the motor and under the seat.
  2. Remove seat, see Seat Removal. I put the bolts back in, loosely, so I don't lose them.
  3. Unplug controller. Don't force it, use a small insulated screwdriver to unlatch the clip and it should come out easily.
  4. Remove bridge piece under seat, to get access to upper bolt, see Y-Shaped Underseat Frame Removal. I put the bolts back in, loosely, so I don't lose them.
File:2014 SR Y removed and controller unplugged and rear shock upper bolt-IMG 20190627 193729525.jpg
access to upper bolt with seat and Y frame removed and controller unplugged
  • 15 mm and 16 mm wrench or sockets. Low-profile wrenches or sockets. Ratcheting box-end are most convenient, since space above the upper bolt and nut is limited.
  • Lift capable of raising the rear or the whole motorcycle while leaving the swingarms free to move.
  • Ratcheting box-end or low-profile sockets are preferred due to small amount of clearance at top bolt. A crescent wrench can be substituted for one or the other to hold the bolt from turning. Bolt head is 16-mm and nut is 17-mm. Also Torx or metric Allen wrench for seat and Y removal, see their procedures, above.
  1. Use a Lift to raise the rear so the rear wheel is about to come off the ground so there no force on the upper bolt that attaches the shock to the frame or the lower bolt that attaches the shock to the swingarm.
  2. Loosen top bolt with 15 mm. Hold nut with 16mm or crescent wrench.
  3. Loosen bottom bolt.
  4. Take care to retain the spacers so they don't roll away as you remove each bolt. Best to put them in a ziplock bag or tie them to the shock with ziptie or string.