SDS Platform/12V Accessory Socket Kit Install

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This installs 12V Accessory Socket Kit for 2014+ S Platform models.

12V Accessory Wiring Harness for 2013+ S Platform models also applies.
Reference Video
  1. Loosen collet from accessory kit and set aside
  2. Remove rubber blank from the right-side plastic shoulder piece around the instrument cluster.
    File:SDS12VACCESSORYSOCKETKIT14MY10-0750401 removerubberplugblank.jpg
    12V port rubber blank removed from the shoulder piece
    This is now an extra part you will not be needing while the accessory power kit is installed.
  3. Feed the wire assembly through the hole in dash and align the 12v socket key into the keyway of the hole in the dash.
    You may want to undo the right-hand turn signal light 2x 3mm mushroom socket head bolts, to get better access and visibility.
  4. Return collet over wire assembly and rotate to fasten the 12v socket into place.
    Take care not to pinch the turn signal wires.
  5. Route wires to left-hand side and into compartment.
  6. Remove rubber protective boot from Sumitomo socket and connect to 12v accessory socket wiring Sumitomo plug.
  7. Button up everything. You are done!