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These articles cover how to disassemble the motorcycle.

Disassembly Work Dependencies
Items to the left of others must be accomplished first.
Lift Front Axle Removal Front Wheel Removal
Lockout Rear Axle Removal Rear Wheel Removal Swingarm Removal Motor Removal
Kickstand Removal
Seat Removal Tank Plastics Removal Y-Shaped Underseat Frame Removal
De-Energization Board Mounting Plate Removal DC-DC Converter Removal
Main Bike Board Removal
Controller Uncovering Controller Removal
Belly Pan Removal Onboard Charger Removal
Tail Plastics Removal Tail Subassembly Removal
Lower Plastics Removal
Passenger Footpeg Removal
Rider Footpeg Removal
Key-off Headlamp Removal (S-Platform)
Turn Signal Removal