Contactor Click Sound

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The contactor makes a strong click sound, typically on startup and when plugging in the onboard charger.

Startup Symptom Check
When the bike turns on, the dash display will enter a self-check mode, and there should be an audible "click sound" just as the bike becomes ready to ride.
Charging Symptom Check
When plugging in the onboard charger, the dash display will turn on the Charging indicator light, there should be an audible "click sound" just after the charger turns on, thereby engaging the BMS.
The dash should then indicate as power flows into the battery how much time is estimated to recharge the bike.
If the bike is an XMX Platform model with two modular batteries, OR if the bike is an SDS Platform model with a Power Tank:
  • Expect two clicks, probably in quick succession.
  • If there is only one click and the instrument cluster indicates lower range/capacity than expected, one of the batteries may not be connected to the power bus.
This is the contactor closing which engages its battery to drive the motor once the electrical system is deemed safe after precharge.
The motorcycle is ready to ride if initiated by keying on, or is charging if initiated by plugging the onboard charger into a power source.