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The Zero platform includes a charging circuit terminated by a hard-mounted brown Anderson SBS-75X connector to support OEM and third-party additional chargers.

Warning Warning: Only supply DC power to this port in the battery's normal range, or risk catastrophic damage to the battery.
All external chargers are switching power supplies that turn AC (or sometimes DC!) power at a wider range of voltages into DC that behaves well with Zero's battery technology and voltage range.
2012 Zero batteries operate in a lower voltage range than 2013+ Zero batteries; chargers for one range of years should never be used on another range of years.
To use
  • Remove the rubber boot cover and plug in the charger(s).
    As delivered, the rubber boot cover will be secured with zip ties. Remove them first.
    2013 models do not include the rubber boot; it is a good idea to install one to protect the plug over time, though.
  • Use the onboard charger in conjunction with the accessory charging port to keep the motorcycle in charging mode (allows keying off while charging among other things).
  • Replace the rubber boot after unplugging the charger(s).
Mounted locations
Platform Years Location
X 2013+ Forward of the motor on the right lower side of the frame, under a plastic panel with 5 fasteners.
S 2011-2012 Right side of the battery.
2013 Above the motor on the right side (opposite the ODB-II port).
2014+ Above the motor on the left side (more accessible than 2013), covered by a rubber boot.

DSR Charging Port from above the motorDSR Charging Port from under the tail

Mounting (SDS Platform)
A small M2.5 Allen key socket head bolt runs through the connector's hole into a collared insert on a flanged edge of the board mounting plate.
To detach or re-attach, it's been found only possibly by pulling the board mounting plate up by enough room to fit a right-angle Allen key underneath, between the connector and the motor fins, about an inch or two.