Helmet Lock Removal

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This removes the helmet lock from the bike.

The following photos feature a 2016-DSR bike.
  • 3mm Allen key
  • ...
  1. Remove the front fender
  2. Remove the cowl
  3. Loosen the bolt holding the ABS module in place from underneath, located above where the front fender was.
    The ABS module appears to be mounted on two or three of these bolts with rubber vibration isolation around the bolts.
    When this bottom bolt is free, the ABS module can be rotated from within the under-cowl area for better access to the innards.
  4. Drop the flasher relay and accessory power plugs out of the way and, using a mirror, locate the bolt holding the helmet lock in place.
  5. Loosen the bolts holding the helmet lock in place. The left one is more easily accessible. Clearances for the right bolt are very tight and it may not be possible to rotate any tool to loosen the right bolt. After removing the left bolt, it can be possible to loosen the right bolt by holding the right bolt in place and rotating the helmet lock itself.
    CAUTION: the left side bolt will have a ground strap ring and bite washer attached, take extra care DO NOT lose these.
    Helmet lock ground strap boltHelmet lock mirror tool
  6. Optional: Chargetank Bracket Installation
  7. Reinstall the bottom bolt for the ABS unit bottom bolt, cowl, and front fender.
  8. Advanced: Relocate the helmet lock